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Being able to work with numerous models and model agencies has been a blessing. I have been published in various magazines and love working on everything from creative to classic beauty shoots. 


My focus is on natural, clean beauty with emphasis on a specific feature. As a team player, I am always excited to create beautiful photos with an amazingly creative team.

My style is based on classic, elegant beauty. I love to make a woman or man feel their best. As I apply a lighter and believable makeup application, my clients trust that they will look like the best version of themselves.

Color correction and camouflage without the use of heavy materials is the key to my technique. Long lasting and skin-like finishing products help my client feel natural and confident.


I find that many high school students are self-conscious of their appearance, sometimes because of skin problems or lack of knowledge on how to apply makeup.


When taking school photos, that will be shown throughout a lifetime, it helps to have a makeup artist that can make a student feel confident and as gorgeous as they truly are. I also provide lessons for teenagers that want to know how to properly apply makeup.


I love doing classy boudoir shoots. I spent over a year in Alaska working with military wives that wanted to send their other halves - who were stationed overseas - beautiful, sensual portraits. It is a gift to be able to make an everyday woman feel sexy and gorgeous.





Makeup services are provided to you on site, wherever you are getting ready for your event. I bring a sanitized array of professional quality products that will cover any skin tone or theme. A setup that includes a comfortable, appropriate chair and a professional lighting kit is brought to ensure an exceptional and flawless application. Proper skin care preparation is completed prior to makeup services.

Living in Los Angeles means there are red carpets everywhere! I  provide flawless, long-lasting, beauty makeup for any event. Clients are comfortable as they receive the highest quality makeup application and confidential service.


Whether it be a red carpet event (including Oscars, Grammys, Premieres), award show, media appearance, fashion show, beauty pageant, holiday party, prom, graduation, quinceaƱera, conference, corporate party or any other kind of celebration - I can help you look and feel like your award-winning self.


Men require grooming and skin touchups, especially for photo and film shoots. I provide invisible makeup application and image enhancing grooming techniques for males in any situation.


My background in special effects makeup has enabled me to provide some great halloween makeup for clients! Anything from face painting to designing and applying a prosthetic is available. I love doing out of the ordinary makeup, and look forward to creating a gruesome, gorgeous, or far out look for you.


I was the Head of Design for a haunted house in Fairbanks, Alaska and had the opportunity to hand-make and sell silicone wounds and masks to customers, in addition to creating a cast of over 25 characters for the haunt.


I am also involved in the television, film, and commercial industry of makeup, with experience on hundreds of productions. Feature films, short films, music videos, international and national commercials, and internet based media round out my makeup clientele.


For more information, please visit my industry website at www.briellemckenna.com.